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What's The Deal With Sara K?

Sara Knight is a San Francisco based artists whose work focuses on facilitating stories of womanhood through painting, textiles and found objects. Her work focuses on aspects of abandonment, sexual abuse, mental health and addiction and how these aspects of life can form ones own personal story within the over arching history of women.  She is heavily influenced by the acts of hoarding and thrifting, pop culture, story telling and the Riot Girl movement of the 1990s.

Sara received her BA in Studio Art from San Francisco State University in 2013. She is currently working towards an MFA from San Francisco Art Institute with an expected graduation date of May 2018. She has been included in group shows in both San Francisco and Oakland California. 


Sara Knight is a born and breed Bay Area Artist focusing in textiles, painting and sculpture. Her work explores the construct of womanhood through histories of sexual violence, addiction, abandonment and mental health. She is currently working towards her MFA at the San Francisco Art Institute. 

You can find Sara elsewhere on the internet where she feels she is more clever than she truly is.

Twitter: Saraakay

Instagram: Saraakay